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Functional Fitness Video Course

Training methodology for real-life fitness. Working out doesn’t mean you'll become a bodybuilder. It could simply mean you want to maintain a certain weight or keep your body moving properly and functionally. In such cases, to maintain proper health you don’t need fitness equipment - only a functional fitness routine.

Healthy Eating
Video Course

What is the point in healthy eating? Are you willing to eat healthily? How you can begin eating healthy, starting now. In this video course, you discover more about your relationship with food, the danger of diet trends, and about the food pyramid. It will also provide you with a step by step guide to eating healthier.

The Fountain Of Youth Video Course

History is full of legends of magical places and potions that can make a person young again. You see them in magic movies, and you wish they’re true. However, there’re no such things.This educative video guide will help you discover the habits you need to avoid and the ones you need to include to improve your looks, health, and live longer.

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We should never stop learning. But sometimes things get in the way. At Learn Tube, we try to remove as many barriers to learning as possible so you can grow as a person in whatever direction you wish to take. We make sure our courses are great quality content, kind on your purse and convenient for you to access on the go. Whatever your dream and however you would like to improve yourself…we’ll have a course that fits.

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Nothing should stand in the way of your dreams.
Do you want to…

  • Ace public speaking?
  • Be the leader your team looks up to?
  • Get fit with right exercise and better diet?

Whatever your dreams, realising them will likely mean upgrading your skills and knowledge. But when we don’t have a clear idea of what we really want to learn, we risk wasting time and money on workshops and courses that don’t fit. You deserve to develop your skills at your own pace, in an affordable and accessible way.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn one, two or even ten courses all at once, at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you ace a new skill in a week or a month, the bite-sized modules make it easy for you to work at a speed that suits you.


As you complete one course you’ll receive personalised suggestions of other skills you may wish to progress onto learning about as your next step. And with new content added monthly you’ll never get bored.

Content You
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Learn Tube courses come in a variety of learning formats which have been created and curated by highly qualified and experienced learning and development professionals so you know your course is designed  make learning easy.

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