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Learning should be enjoyable – and accessible

Finding quality training content that will hold your interest and help you learn with ease isn’t always that simple. You might not want anything too academic, or you may be too busy in your job to have time to focus on lengthy courses. That’s why we invented LearnTube. Our whole team is passionate about making knowledge accessible, affordable and usable for everyone – because no one should be held back from their journey of self-discovery.

We make learning fun and memorable

Learn Tube is the online training platform developed by our experienced learning and development team at the people development and training centre Learn Centre. We have been creating and curating high quality personal and professional development content for more than 30 years and have 100s of exciting courses on our platform. We have extensive knowledge of how our brains absorb information most effectively and how we each have unique learning styles and lifestyle behaviours that affect the way we approach education. That’s why Learn Tube content has been designed with you in mind – presented in engaging and flexible formats that make learning fun – and memorable so what you learn can be applied in the real world straight away.

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Like Having A Coach In Your Pocket

  • Access on your smart phone
  • Easy to manage micro courses
  • Light on your wallet
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Transform your life with knowledge and wisdom

  1. Start your free trial
  2. Dive into a new world of learning
  3. Become the person you really want to be
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“So much information, what value for money, you will definitely see results, many thanks”

Petra B

Why people choose Learn Tube


Every piece of content on Learn Tube has either been created or curated by our team to ensure your learning experience is always exceptional.


We work together as a team to identify exciting new learning opportunities that we can share with our users that covers a broad spectrum of interests and skills.


Our courses are designed so your learning is easily absorbed, so the information you learn becomes second nature and part of your identity.

"The course has been absolutely fantastic and opened so many doors for me"
  Steven G

Our Team – As Passionate About Learning As You Are

The team behind Learn Tube share the same passion for expanding our minds through continuous learning and, while we all come from different backgrounds, we all believe growing our knowledge is the key to a fulfilling life – whatever direction you choose to take. Between us, our team of personal and professional development coaches have a vast skill base and each member brings a different perspective, quality  and understanding to our learning community.

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Our founder,
Mark W Foster

Visionary speaker, author and personal development expert of some 30 years, Mark Foster has enjoyed a long and rich career in the field of people development, creating highly effective training tools and courses for UK and foreign governments and high profile private companies. Mark has a particular interest in psychology, neuroscience and how energy connects with our health and wellbeing. Mark is a subtle energy and spiritual consultant and is highly skilled at assessing, understanding and changing the quality of subtle energies in a range of settings and advising on and working with issues concerning spirits and other unwanted energetic phenomena on a person or space.

Isn’t it time you stopped wondering what’s possible and start finding out? With 100s of courses to choose from there’s something for everyone whether you’re looking for self growth, business growth or team growth, we’re here to support you on every step of your learning journey.